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9 Luxury Smart Home Automation MAKING Life Easier and Fun, And How it Save You Time & Money, Fortifies Your Security & Safety, and Reduces Your Stress!

 Colossus TechNovation is on a mission to help you upgrade the quality of your living and style; to transform your House to a Smart, Secure and Green Home.

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Technology has changed the way we do virtually everything, and today it has
changed the way we live, and control our Gates, Doors, TVs, AC, Lights, Curtains,
Sound Systems and Changeover Switch with Voice Command and Mobile App.

And the way we fortify our Security with Smart Intruder Alarm, Smart Surveillance
and CCTV System, to the way with we improve our safety with Smart Fire
Detection and Prevention System. All these are monitored and controlled on
Smartphone and with Voice Assistant.
We, therefore offer to automate and transform your property or home to a Smart
Luxury Home or Office.
Introducing… Smart Safe Secure Green Luxury Home Automation

Check out our 9 Luxury Smart Home Automation making waves, and How it Save
you Time and Money, Improves Safety and Security, Reduces Stress while making
Life Easier and Fun*
The value and demand for Properties; Estates and Homes we installed these
Smart Automation increase by 100%.

Automated Gate System with Gate Monitor App

No more stressing yourself or paying anyone to open and close your
gate. With our Automated Gate Solution you can open and close your
gate from the comfort of your vehicle or from any location in the world with our Gate Monitor and Manager App on your smart phone. You
also view your gate on the Gate Monitor and Manager app on
smartphone where ever you are located. 

Automated gate

Smart Door Lock

No more stress and inconvenience of carrying bunch of keys about or
losing it. With our Smart door solution, you not only open any door at
your Home or Office with PIN Code, Access Card, you can also open and
unlock your doors with the app on your Smartphones from any location
in the world.

Automatic Change-Over System

No more stress or the risk of going out to changeover from Main
(National Grid) to Gen-set every time. Our Automatic Changeover
System handles that, you can also turn on or turn off your gen-set with
the Remote, Voice Command or the App on your smartphone.

Voice assistant system

Voice Assistant System

No more stress of going round the house to switch on or switch off
Lights, TVs and Sound System or to flip TV Channels. Now, you can just
speak to the Voice Assistant System in your home to do all that or do it
with the app on your smartphone.

Intruder Alarm system and Electric Fence

With this system installed at your home or office especially in this
critical time in our nation you can rest assured because no intruder or
criminal can near your compound /asset with our Advanced Electric
Fence and Intruder Alarm System, talk less of gaining access. The
system also triggers alarm and automatically calls or sends a Signal via
SMS to phone numbers of your choice or to any security or police post
you want in the event of any emergency. This is Amazing!

With these 9 powerful Systems and Solutions, your Regular Home is turned to a Smart and Green Home. With the Automations, you and your family will not only live stress-free, but live safer and more secured, happy, healthy and productive life, while reducing cost of living.

cctv surveillance camera

CCTV Surveillance System

No more worries about what is going on, in and around your home or
office/asset. With our advanced CCTV Surveillance System, you can
view, monitor and automatically record, and track any event or crime
around your home or office/asset. You also monitor on TV monitor inhouse and on your smartphone on the go. Our advanced system sends
signal to the app on your smartphone phone whenever the motion
sensors captures a movement late in the nights or period you want.

Fire Prevention System (Smoke and Gas Detectors)

No more worries about fire outbreak with our system. Building a home
or any asset without this preventive system does not make sense. This
system prevents fire up 99%.

electric pump

Automatic Water-pump System

No more worries about not having water or wasting water when your
tank is filled or accumulation of energy bills because there is no one at
home to turn on or turn off the water pumping machine. Our Automatic
Water pump System automatically takes care of that, and yet you can
also control it on your smartphone.

Solar or Wind Turbine Energy System

With our Advanced Smart Solar or Wind Energy system you get longer
backup time and longer battery life up to 8 – 10 years, and cut the cost of
your Electricity Bills by at least 70%. You can even go off grid. Switch
to Green and Clean energy today. With our Solar and/or Wind Energy
Solution most of our clients sold or gave out their Gen-sets because they
no longer need it. That’s not all you also eliminate noise and pollution of
the environment with carbon. You also monitor, manage and control
your solar and wind Energy system and energy on the app on your

Bonus: Smart Solar Lights with Camera, Video Door Bell, and Wireless Intercom.

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