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Our Home Solution include technologies that give comfort, convenience, safety and luxury. Some of the solutions are listed below.

  • Lighting Control
  • Climate Control
  • HD/4K Video Distribution System
  • Whole house Audio/Music System
  • Energy Conservation
  • Automated Window Blind/Curtain
  • Complete Home Theatre Solution and Infrared Network
  • Keyless Door Entry with Remote Activation Option
  • Burglar Security & Fire / Gas Leak Alarm
  • Distributed Video and Digital Satellite Signals
  • Complete home automation with Mobile device Control.

Colossus TechNovation Nigeria's leading hi-tech solutions company committed to technovating smart solutions and making the incredible affordable is resolved to do something crazy this month to show love to Nigerians in the spirit of valentine.

We are offering Free Advisory Service on indispensable tech Products and Solutions making lives and business easier this Month!

The Incredible and Yet Affordable Tech Products and Solutions You Must Have are;


Smart Home Automation Solutions

These are smart home automation products and systems smart people are using to live more comfortable, reduce burdens and stress, and cut costs and fortify security;

- Remote Controlled Automatic Gate System; Now you can control your gate with a remote from the comfort of your car without bothering anyone or stressing yourself when going out in the morning or coming home late in the night. Everyone needs this for security and comfort.


- Video Door Bell System; With this, you can see and speak with any visitor knocking at your home or office gate or door through the indoor monitor in your home and/or from your mobile phone remotely wherever you are located in the world and decide to let the person in or not.


-Wireless Intercom System; with this you can talk to anyone in any room in your home or office.


- Automatic Water Pump System; this system serves as your Water Pump Manager; it switches on your water pump whenever there is the power supply, and switches it off immediately the water tank is filled up automatically. With this device no more shortage or wasting of water or resources on the electricity bill because there is no one at home to switch the water pump on or off. Now you can rest assured.


- Automatic Change Over; this system serves as your power supply manager, our automatic changeover system removes the stress of going to switch your gen-set on or off every time.

The system turns on your Gen-set and switches over from Gen-set to the National Grid Power Supply, and shuts down your Gen Set automatically immediately power supply is restored.

This is an amazing and high fidelity and hi-tech system, and yet very affordable.

You work so hard and need this system to reduce stress.


- Smart Lock System ; this serves as your door keeper - the system enables you to control who accesses your home or office or bedroom, hotel room, or out-of-bound secured places. You can grant access to authorized persons to gain access via their Finger-prints, Card, PassCode.

Also from your Mobile App (you can also grant your guests access to your home, office, guesthouse or hotel rooms remotely from the mobile app where ever you are located. Now you can take back your security.