*Tired of Power Outages and on Wasting Money on Generators, and Disturbed by the Noise and Carbon Emission?

What If Show you How to #Cut the Cost of your Electricity Bills by 50 – 90% while Enjoying #Clean #Green #Smart Renewable Energy 24/7?

Did you know that 90% of those that Subscribed to our Advanced Renewable Energy Solutions have NOT used their #GEN-SETS for over 1 Year Now, and end up selling It?

You too can #Sell Off your Gen-sets, and Cut the Cost of your Electricity, if you allow us to guide you and install the Best and Most #Durable and #Reliable Renewable Energy Equipment.

Do you know the difference between Gel, Tubular and Lithium Batteries for Solar, and the one that lasts 2 ~ 3 years, 6 ~8 years and 16 years respectively, and the one suitable to your environment and can power your appliances for a longer period? Now, let’s consider the cost spends by an average family or business on power consumption in Nigeria.

Cost Of Power Consumption: Tired Of Power Outages and on Wasting Money on Generators, and Disturbed by the Noise and Carbon Emission?

Did you know that our survey shows that an average Family or Small Business in Nigeria spends between 1.2 Million ~ N2.5 Million Every Year on Fueling and Maintaining Generators and on Electricity Bills?

Therefore the money you spend in just 1 #YEAR its enough to install a Solar or Wind Energy System which will continue to supply #Free Clean Green Renewable Energy for a life time?

Yet, many people are yet to realize the amount of money they will save. To this end, we are on a mission to help you stop wasting your hard-earned money. So you can join other smart people that has switched to Solar since.

That is not all,

Do you know the best #Solar Panel, #Inverter and #Charge Controller that is suitable to your Energy need, Environment and Budget?

Do know how to manage your Solar Energy system during the day and in the night in order to get longer backup time?


There is more…..

To encourage more Nigerians to switch to Renewable Energy (Solar or Wind Energy), so they can see the difference, and experience #Uninterrupted Power Supply 24/7, we are making this Limited Time Offer;



Tired of Power Outages and on Wasting Money on Generators, and Disturbed by the Noise and Carbon Emission?

Here is the Deal

The first 21 people to subscribe to this offer will get the Special Offer and Bonus listed below;

You will get;

☆ 5% discount on all equipment

☆ Free installation

☆ Free Energy Survey and Advisory Service

☆ Pay After Installation (you pay after we deliver and install the equipment at your Home or Office)

That’s not all….


– ♧We also supply and install either; 1 unit of Solar Streetlight or 1 Unit of Wifi CCTV Camera which you can monitor on your smartphone) when you subscribe to any of our Solar or Wind Energy Solution!

– ♧8 year Warranty (meaning if the battery or any of the components we supplied packs up in less than 8 years we shall replace it or refund your money-back….Guaranteed. No Story.

Limited Time Offer This offer is valid to the first 21 subscribers that responds before November 15th, 2021. So, What are you waiting for?

If you Live in Nigeria and you are not Using the Abundant Sunlight and Wind we have here to Generate Solar or Wind Energy to Power your Home or Business you are Leaving Money on the Table!

Colossus TechNovation Ltd is on mission to liberate Nigerians from the High Cost of Electricity and Generators maintenance, and help them make the Sun or Wind generate #Clean #Green #Renewable Energy free of charge.

Over 107 satisfied customers and still counting can’t be wrong.

To claim all the Offer and Free Energy Survey and Advisory (Consulting), Please visit >>>

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